Origins of Synergy

In Victoria Nevard’s own words:

“My experience of twenty years’ living and working in London, with all its diversity and challenges, drew me to the world of caring.

I first entered the counselling world 19 years ago. My training was psychodynamic, bringing with it all the formal constraints that this particular way of working involves. Whilst it has been a good foundation for me as a therapist, I have, from the outset, sought to develop and broaden my tool bag, working eclectically in the varied environments in which I have found myself. As time went on, I felt the need to work outside the boundaries of my psychodynamic training and that is where the holistic approach of Synergy came from.

I worked at Trinity Hospice London as a bereavement counsellor and was one of the first in-house counsellors at Breast Cancer Haven (The Haven Trust as it was known then), a pioneering and now well-established drop-in centre for those suffering from breast cancer, and their families.

Since then, as a result of a serious accident and subsequent highly effective EMDR therapy, I decided to train as an EMDR therapist, and am now a qualified EMDR practitioner.

My experience in hospices, cancer care and private practice has given me a profound belief in the value of a holistic approach to working with people. I have always had a particular interest in palliative care, and caring for the carers is very close to my heart.

I believe passionately that music has a powerful effect on the human soul. This, combined with my counselling skills, led to the setting up of Synergy. I am becoming more and more aware of the restorative gift of music to calm and instill peace in one’s life.

I teach and continue to enjoy playing the clarinet and also the piano and I am married to a professional musician.

My own spirituality is grounded in the Christian tradition but the aim of Synergy is to reach anyone, with the aim of accommodating every tradition, faith or none.”

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