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Synergy is an holistic approach to counselling, in which words and music play a central role in helping clients to find comfort, peace and spiritual refreshment.

Victoria Nevard is a MBACP Accredited Counsellor and member of APSCC, with 19 years’ experience of working as a psychodynamic counsellor.

Twenty years of the diversity and challenges of working in the retail environment of London and in the financial institutions of the City drew her to the world of caring.

Her extensive and varied experiences of hospices, cancer care and private practice instilled in her a belief in the value of an holistic approach to therapy when working with people. She has always been drawn to palliative care.  Caring for the carers is also close to her heart.

Victoria believes passionately that music has a powerful and restorative effect on the human soul. This, combined with her counselling skills, led to the setting up of The Nevard Charitable Trust – Synergy.

Victoria enjoys playing the clarinet and the piano. She is married to a professional musician.

Her own spirituality is grounded in the Christian tradition. The aim of Synergy, however, is to reach anyone, and to accommodate every tradition, faith or none.

Victoria Nevard