Workshops and Past Events


Special music for special people

Music at the end of life. What role can music play?

Hospice23 Conference – Scargill, N Yorkshire.
Invitation to lead a session on: ‘Accompanying the Dying: exploring some of the challenges of providing end of life care in the world

“Arts in the Time of Crisis – Living and Dying Creatively in a
Changing World” – St Christopher’s Hospice International

Presentation of The Soul Bird DVD: a creative and therapeutic tool – palliative care through music and words. DVD released by Synergy for the Nevard Charitable Trust.

“Let’s Pretend It’s Spring” – Abbeyfield’s Residential Care Home, Farnham, Surrey.                                                                                                    
An afternoon of gentle music and words, around the theme of Spring, for older people and people with dementia.

“The Sun Has Got Its Hat On” – The Hollybush Nursery, Hornsey, London.                                                                                                                         
A musical trip to the zoo for pre-school children and their teachers.

“Synergy”: A presentation on the use of Synergy within
therapeutic and secular worlds APSCC/ BIAPT Annual
Conference, Reading University, Berkshire. 

Association for Pastoral Care and Counselling/British and Irish
Association for Practical Theology.

“You Matter Because You Are You” – Lee Abbey Conference
Centre, North Devon.  St Columba’s Fellowship (now Hospice 23).

Synergy contributed sessions throughout a palliative care
conference, offering time for meditative reflection.


“Beyond the textbook – a holistic approach to the therapeutic use of music and words” – Hospice23 Conference, Hothorpe Hall, Theddingworth, Leicestershire.                                
Palliative Care-Learning from Experience.

“An afternoon with Synergy” – Cotswold Care Hospice Day Centre, Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire.                                                             
Music, readings and time for reflection.

“A Special Time, Just For You” – Hill House Care Home, Little Somerford, Wiltshire.                                                                                      
Music, readings and time for reflection.

“I loved the music – it made the world slow down, and nowadays it seems to be going faster and faster.  It made a lovely afternoon.”  –  Resident

“This took me right back into my childhood, with many familiar and
happy memories.”  – 

“I feel music has a powerful part to play in our work, and we should
perhaps try to use it more.”  – 
A Carer

“Shared times of joy, music and times for reflection” – Horsfall House, Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire.
Care Home for Older People and People with Dementia.
Ongoing sessions with music, readings and time for reflection.


“Music with Victoria and Richard” – Paternoster School,
Cirencester, Gloucestershire.

We have committed to termly visits to Paternoster School for children with moderate and severe special educational  needs.

“A Day of Tranquillity, Reflection and Renewal” – Acorn Christian Foundation, Bordon, Hampshire.

“A Summer Quiet Day” – St Brandon’s Church, Brancepeth, Durham Diocese.

A Quiet Day: ‘Precious and Honoured” – Harnhill Centre of
Christian Healing, Gloucestershire.

“Synergy – The Mothers’ Union Prayer” – Gauzebrook Diocese, Wiltshire.                                                                                                        
Focusing on the concerns and needs of women throughout the world.

The Soul Bird DVD Click here

Kindergarten Regenbogen, Gladbeck, Ruhrgebiet, Germany

Children and teachers in Regenbogen Kindergarten used The Soul Bird DVD in their ‘Spring Music Week’.





Uwe Haas, Director, Kindergarten Regenbogen, Gladbeck wrote:       
“This musical version of The Soul Bird is a masterpiece, and I am so
inspired by it that next year our project work will be devoted to The Soul Bird.”

Festival Administrator, Germany.                                                     
Congratulations on The Soul Bird DVD – it is a most charming little bird and the music and drawings match perfectly!  I even could go on
watching the interludes, simply in order to hear the birds singing and to lose myself in the trees.  I will have to loop this as this really is like a
meditation for me.”

A German version of The Soul Bird DVD is in preparation.

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Alpine Cycle Challenge
We are delighted to report that Edward Crosse’s participation in The Alpine Cycle Challenge raised a substantial sum for The Nevard
Charitable Trust.
Edward continues to support the Trust.