• THE SOUL BIRD FILM: I used The Soul Bird film in class with my 27 7 year olds and it was absolutely fantastic. One boy felt overwhelmed and wept. Lots of children responded to the way the bird felt when its name was called in a negative way and we did lots of role-play on this afterwards. One boy was spontaneously hugged by a girl near him (he is possibly on the spectrum), he said “my soul bird is flying with joy because she has hugged me and no one usually plays with me!” Later in the library a girl said that her happiness drawer was well and truly locked and we spent time following it up….. It was lovely and I am sure the school will buy one!

    Primary School Teacher

    THE SOUL BIRD FILM:  “This musical version of The Soul Bird is a masterpiece, and I am so inspired by it that next year our project work will be devoted to The Soul Bird.”

    Uwe Haas, Director, Kindergarten Regenbogen, Gladbeck, Ruhrgebiet, Germany.

  • THE SOUL BIRD FILM: The film is a joy to watch, mesmerising, and the music is simply wonderful. Every home should have a copy, in my view!

    Alexander Technique Teacher

  • THE SOUL BIRD FILM: I was thrilled that you had made your beautiful film from the book I know and love so well. I will certainly recommend it to the students I teach and colleagues who are working with the soul in mind. I particularly remember a little phrase ‘What does anger do to you?’ because this phrasing helps someone to understand that anger can go inward and change us as well as affecting our behaviour, so it makes me think that whilst needing to express emotion we need also to feel how we are affected by it. I feel that this is very helpful in letting it go.’

    Registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist and Lecturer, University of Chichester

  • THE SOUL BIRD FILM: “Your film is beautiful: it had me spellbound. Perfectly matched words and music.”

    Professional Musician

  • THE SOUL BIRD FILM: The quality of this presentation is superb. The interaction of the story graphics, voice and music makes this a pleasure to watch and listen to. The gentle narrative moves the participant through a series of human emotions and responses and allows for interaction and discussion at a variety of levels. A fantastic tool for those working with people in any setting.

    Occupational Therapist (retired)

  • THE SOUL BIRD FILM has a gift for all of us. Just take time out in our frenetic world to sit back, get comfy and play the film. Go with it and you will be lifted, inspired and taken to new places within you by the beauty, the simplicity and the soul-message that is for all of us. When half an hour has passed and the screen is blank, just stay with it and listen. It’s amazing how God reaches out to us even when we run from him! Yes, this film can help children to be in touch with their spirituality, it can be a wonderful tool in the process of therapy but it’s more than that. It’s for you too!

    Dr Gareth Tuckwell (formerly CEO of Burrswood)

  • THE SOUL BIRD FILM: I found it enthralling and most impressive.  The music was stunningly well chosen, and the message is captivating … although I do not move easily through the counselling ethos myself – I’m pretty square – I did nevertheless find the message very thought provoking.

    Partner and carer

  • You really lightened up the day with the wonderful music, poetry and everyone liked the cheerful daffodils. The residents said they enjoyed the variety you provided which meant there was something for everyone. Two of our residents got up and danced and said they enjoyed that. Another resident would like to know if you could come again sometime. Thank you again for a wonderful time.

    “Let’s pretend it’s Spring” Hatch Mill residential care home, Farnham, Surrey

  • We always look forward to your termly visits during which the children light up with smiles and interest. Somehow you manage to choose just the right music including songs that the children know and love and often we can sing along. You have a sensitive rapport with the pupils and leave us all feeling refreshed and invigorated.

    Ash Class Teacher

    Elm Class thoroughly enjoyed your visit. One child sang to your playing and we had so much engagement from the others who sat for an extended period with big smiles on their faces! The musical instruments were a massive hit, with three of our children playing with the chimes and the keyboard and one child was so keen to watch you play!

    Elm Class Teacher

      The pupils at Paternoster School always benefit in so many ways when Victoria and Richard play and lead their music sessions. They are able to connect with the children and staff in enhancing communication and music skills. Our pupils respond readily and in many interesting ways to live music. We love their visits and are very appreciative.

      “Music with Victoria and Richard” Paternoster School, Cirencester, Gloucester.

    • The staff and pupils of St Nicholas School are enormously grateful to Victoria and Richard for the work they have put into providing our school with opportunities for music enrichment. For their most recent visit, all 8 classes signed up for a music session – which shows how popular they are! Pupils of all ages and all abilities from across the school love taking part in music-making activities, and everyone responds positively to Victoria and Richard’s passion and enthusiasm for music.

      St Nicholas School, Chippenham, Wiltshire

    • Every time you come to Horsfall House it is a special occasion. We especially enjoy making music ourselves with the tone bars and wide variety of instruments. The music you both play together is always professional and a joy to hear.

      Activities Co-ordinator, Horsfall House, Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire

    • A challenging, but good session. Very moving, very enjoyable, very therapeutic. Such an unusual session, I cried and laughed, very special. Music crosses bridges that language can’t. Very beautiful presentation.

      Hospice23 Conference: Beyond Textbook Palliative Care-Learning from Experience

    • Will you be coming back again? Because that was the best thing I have seen for a long time. Thank you so much.

      A Resident

    • Every time you come to Horsfall House it is a special occasion.

      Horsfall House, Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire

    • I met Victoria Nevard last year and experienced a taster session of her Synergy presentation. I was so inspired that I asked if she would come and share it with us here in Durham – and I hope and expect that you will find it refreshing and inspiring too.

      Bishop’s Advisor in Pastoral Care and Counselling, Durham Diocese.

    • Music means a lot to me but I don’t often have the time to let it do its lovely work on the body, soul and mind. I hope that I may use it more for the good of others.

      A Quiet Day at St Brandon’s Church, Brancepeth, Durham

    • … your gift and inspiration to calm and draw people into a deep silence and rest place and find important and life-giving truths, is wonderful and godly and remarkable.

      A Quiet Day at St Brandon’s Church, Brancepeth, Durham

    • Thank you for leading us back to childhood gardens and meadows. I have been greatly helped by a time apart – away from rather difficult situations at present. The silence says it all.

      A Quiet Day at St Brandon’s Church, Brancepeth, Durham

    • The music and ministry of Synergy reaches to the innermost parts of our being. For those facing their mortality and those trapped in an endless round of caring, shafts of sunlight break the gloom, hope is inspired and horizons so often seem achieveable rather than something to be feared.

      Ex-Chairman of Hospice 23.

    • This took me right back into my childhood, with many familiar and happy memories. Lots for me to take home and remember.

      Cotswold Care Hospice Day Centre

    • I loved the music – it made the world slow down, and nowadays it seems to be going faster and faster. It made a lovely afternoon.

      Hill House, Little Somerford, Wiltshire. Country Care Home

    • It was lovely to be able to relax and listen to music in the company of others without having to make conversation.

      A Carer

    • The carefully chosen music and words have been the source of great comfort to a patient in the advanced stages of Parkinson’s who, for many years, worked in music education. Thank you for your continuing and caring follow-up.

      Partner and carer

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