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The Tamarisk Tree

In the Old Testament, Abraham offered strangers the shade of his tamarisk tree as a shelter, a welcome and a safe place.  He decreed that the essentials of life were never to be denied to any pilgrim in the wilderness, be he friend or enemy.  Both Jews and Moslems call Abraham “Father of Hospitality”.

The Tamarisk Tree can also be seen as the Tree of Life or perhaps even our own Family Tree?

The Dove

Brings peace and calm and is encircled with a heart of love.

Lily of the Valley

Represents refreshment.


The Value of Reminiscence

Reminiscence, whether of childhood memories, family, friendships or places we have loved, touch us all.  I often turn to ‘Songs My Father Taught Me’, sung by Sir Thomas Allen, which capture so beautifully the moods of nostalgia.

Sir Thomas Allen CBE

“In my parents house, as in many other houses of the post war years, was a piano and a piano stool brimful of old sheets of music.

None of it was operatic or classical, just a lot of songs that everyone knew, and which I heard, as it were, on my father’s lap.

Songs such as “Smilin’ Through”, “Birdsongs at Eventide” and “Love could I only tell thee”. All beautiful melodies, soft words often recalling a loved one, lost perhaps in the war of 1914 – 18.

Many would regard them as very sentimental now.  I don’t.  I feel they are of a different time, when we had more time for one another and for family.

That’s why I sing them – they’re beautiful.”

Songs My Father Taught Me Hyperion Records CDA67290
More Songs My Father Taught Me Hyperion Records CDA67374

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