The Soul Bird DVD

Created by Victoria Nevard for Synergy, The Nevard Charitable Trust

The Soul Bird by Michal Snunit is a world-wide best-selling book, a gentle and poetic story that uses the simple language of childhood to convey a deeper philosophical message for us all. Victoria Nevard writes “When I came across this enchanting book I saw the potential to bring it to life through music and animation in order to create an engaging, interactive and therapeutic resource for my work with Synergy.”


I chose a subtle blend of classical music to underscore the book’s
delightful text, allowing participants to meditate on the idea of a soul that exists within each of us and the many facets that it may possess. The book’s animations were brought to life by Victor Craven
( and provide a simple but effective visual focus to lead participants through the experience.

The simple story told in The Soul Bird DVD can be used on many
different levels. One can enjoy the complete story as a whole, or draw on the specially tailored chapters called Drawers within the DVD as a stimulus for spin-off activities and discussions in a workshop
environment. The Drawers have been created to present opportunities for meditation on some of the themes and emotions raised on the DVD and to encourage participation whilst allowing extended time for reflection and creativity.

It is designed for:

  • those who enjoy a gentle story with beautiful music
  • quiet-time listening for children
  • the elderly: reminiscence and spiritual refreshment
  • groups: as a therapeutic tool for exploring emotions
  • helping those with emotional needs
  • hospices and day centres
  • caring for the carers
  • newcomers to the UK facing an unfamiliar world and language
The Soul Bird is made up of many ‘drawers’ – each containing a
different emotion.

“More than an entertainment – a doorway to the emotions through the restorative power of words and music”

Whether you seek an exploration of emotions, or just to hear a heart-warming story, I hope that you will enjoy The Soul Bird DVD. 

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Presentations of The Soul Bird DVD:

St Christopher’s Hospice, Sydenham, Kent. ‘The arts in a time of crisis: living and dying creatively in a changing world – Innovations.’

A half hour presentation of The Soul Bird DVD: my innovation related to the above, and demonstrated how the DVD could be used in different settings.

At the invitation of the British Association for Counselling and Pyschotherapy

BACP Making Connections – Oxford: short platform – The Soul Bird DVD

BACP Making Connections – Cardiff: short platform – The Soul Bird DVD

At the invitation of the Association for Pastoral and Spiritual Care and Counselling – a divison of BACP

ASPCC Counselling with Spirit (South Wales): short platform – The Soul Bird DVD

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